About Us

Brett Turner

Founder – Main Camera Man – Marryoke man – Editor

“What do wedding films mean to me? I’ve always loved films. I have a burning passion for creative cinema and that’s what I’ve wanted to get into since my university degree.

Getting into any big business is difficult and that is why I didn’t case any unwanted struggle towards big corporate Hollywood productions. So I thought to myself, why not bring Hollywood to me?

Wedding films are my own form of making these Hollywood films that I find so much inspiration from. A film that focuses on the beauty in everything around us and those we love, which has a beginning, middle and end. This isn’t a ‘video’ that has the parts of a wedding we all expect from the day; this is a ‘film’ that includes the vision and cinematography from the director of the film.

I don’t make wedding videos; I create wedding films that capture a natural and cinematic vision as a film director does.”

Bex Booth

Camera Lady – Pocket Rocket – Editor

“I have a strong educational background in Theatre Arts which I believe is reflected in my work.

Theatre is about taking audiences on an emotional journey through storytelling, which is exactly what we want to achieve in our wedding films.

Working at Forever After weddings, I have been truly honoured to be a part of many couple’s special days. Weddings are truly magical events full of beautiful decorations and jam packed with emotions. I love to create wedding films because they are truly priceless to a couple.

There’s no greater feeling than receiving some amazing feedback from a happy couple when they have relieved each moment of their day, and maybe even seen some things they would have missed.

Wedding films encapsulate beautiful memories of friends and family that can last a lifetime, that’s a gift that I am really proud that we can offer people.”

Dan Brown

Camera Man – Morale Officer

“When it comes to wedding films, there’s a natrual beauty that can’t be capture when your in the moment. That’s why when I film weddings, using my background in filming live events I know that there’s only one chance to make it work. A wedding simply allows me to be creative in ways I can’t be for the corporate and music industry.

It’s about the people and having fun. I’ll keep the smiles rolling and the people laughing and you’ll hardly notice me in the background.

Wedding films are my form of creating outstanding cinematography.”

Jamie Fowkes

In Training – Camera Man

“I’m fairly new to this business but I’ve finally moved into videography full-time. Learning from the best, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some wonderful couples.

I’m a quick learner and I know that a wedding has so much going on, that I’ve always been on point ready to capture the best parts of your wedding day. I’ve been taught by the best in the business, so hopefully I’ll see you on your wedding day for laughs and one of the best days of your life.”